Monday - Sunday    11:30am to 9:00pm

500 Embarcadero

Morro Bay, California 93442

(805) 772-5767

"We love our customers and, fortunately, they seem to enjoy visiting and returning to enjoy our food."
Sophie Sun and Kevin Lu
China Dragon owners

Reviews and Pictures Courtesy of Trip Advisor

"Best Chinese food in the county”
Reviewed May 29, 2012

It's a little bit out of the way, but ask any Cambria local and they'll know where it is - it's that good. We moved from the San Fran area where good/great chinese food was common. We tried 6 or 8 in the area, here in San Luis Obispo county, and just gave up. When the China Dragon opened up, we gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised. We've returned repeatedly with friends and family and it's become their favorite chinese restaurant too!

"Fresh, Tasty, and a little different”
Reviewed April 11, 2012

This restaurant is located a little ways outside of "downtown" Morro Bay, north, along the coast highway. We found the food here very tasty and seemingly made very, very, fresh. Some of the dishes were a little different than we have found in other Chinese places. The beef fried rice had a different seasoning in it, that I was not expecting...some loved it, and some didn't. The walnut chicken was a little too sweet for me...however, others in my party thought it was the best dish we ordered during our dinner.

We also ordered War Won Ton Soup which was unanimously loved by all of us ... it was overloaded (in a good way!) with won tons, meat, chicken, shrimp and vegetables.The sweet and sour chicken was delicious and was made with fresh pineapple.

Beef Chow Mein - China Dragon, Morro Bay
The service was excellent. There was only one person seating and serving everyone, but she was one of the most pleasant people ever. One could tell she was sincerely concerned that everything was OK.

One small quibble...each dish (we ordered four) was brought out at different times..about 3-5 minutes apart. Personally, I like all dishes brought out at once. Others in my party liked the system. I guess what they were doing was bringing them out as soon as they were finished being made rather than have them sit in the kitchen until everything is ready. I suppose that's a good thing so that one can enjoy the food totally fresh!

Reviews and Pictures Courtesy of Yelp"Morgan H - 4 Stars”

Quiet restaurant with wonderful service.  Sophie (one of the owners) was caring and attentive.  The Hot and Sour soup was fantastic and the egg rolls were very fresh and crisp. I didn't care too much for the cream cheese filled fried wonton appetizer, but that was merely personal preference, not poor execution.

Kung Pao shrimp was very fresh, the vegetables still had some crispness to them and the shrimp were done perfectly.   It could have been spicier for my taste, but I'll ask for a little more heat next time.

The Lemon Chicken was excellent.  Lightly breaded and fried with a crispy crust, but the chicken was flavorful and moist.   Not over battered or heavy at all.

China Dragon 500 Embarcadero Morro Bay CA
Overall it was very enjoyable and worth giving a try.  The restaurant name has been the same for years and years, but the new owners have done very well with the food.  Much better than the typical buffet options around here.

Reviews Courtesy of UrbanSpoon

"Bob and Sally Young: Best Chinese food in our region"

Two years ago a young couple, Kevin and Sophie, took over this old establishment -- which had a mediocre (at best) reputation. They know how to prepare really excellent Chinese cuisine, Sophie being a native of northern China, and Kevin having run a food business in Taiwan. Ingredients are impressively fresh and flavors outstanding. Well worth a try -- don't be deterred by outside appearance.

Lunch:  11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Dinner:  4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

11:30 am - 9:00 pm